Joyroom wireless Qi Laadija 15 W for iPhone (MagSafe compatible) with built in USB Type C cable


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Joyroom wireless Qi charger 15 W for iPhone (MagSafe compatible) with built in USB Type C cable

The wireless inductive charger by Joyroom will let you charge your device fast and conveniently. MagSafe system makes the mobile phone fit the magnetic surface perfectly, thanks to which supplying energy gets fast and safe. The charger is small so you can take it anywhere you like. You can feel free to use your phone while charging – all functions of the device are available, while a meter-long cable does not restrict movements.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Wireless charger MagSafe
  • Maximum power: 15 W
  • Input voltage: 5V/2A, 9V/2A
  • Cable length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 42 g

Content of the set:

  • 1 x magnetic charger
  • 1 x cable USB Type C

Major features:

  • Compatible with iPhone models and other selected devices
  • MagSafe system
  • Quick inductive charging
  • Small size
  • Possible to charge mobile phone in the case

Convenient charging in any position

Thanks to the magnetic charger, you can use your mobile phone all the time. Powerful magnet allows using the charged device in any position. You can feel free to play games, listen to music and take advantage of all other functions. All you need to do is put your iPhone to the charger and the latter will set the proper angle to provide highly effective energy supply. Charging is based on induction, so you do not even need to take the device out of the case. A long cable does not limit movements but guarantees comfort in any situation.

Three times faster charging

A 15-W charger, equipped with MagSafe system, will assure very fast charging of your phone. If you wish to shorten battery filling time as much as possible, use the charger with an output power of 18 W (9V/2A). Joyroom offers a wide range of output voltage and can automatically adapt to the needs of your equipment, simultaneously assuring security and protection against overloading.

Stylish design

The magnetic charger by Joyroom not only offers perfect technical parameters but also comes in a stylish look. Small size and modern design make this product look great, especially when combined with iPhones.

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